Courses currently teaching

Siobhan Smith-Jones

Academic Background

B.A Xavier University of Louisiana (2002)
M.A. Louisiana State University (2004) Mass Communication
Ph.D. University of Missouri (2010) Mass Communication

I want to be a teacher who nurtures and guides her students, encouraging them to take the knowledge and skills they develop in my classroom and run—into other classrooms, their careers, and their lives. I am constantly searching for ways to encourage my students’ learning and to help them understand both media theory and application. I also recognize that I have a great responsibility to lead my students, to serve my institution, and to constantly sharpen my own professional skills and development. I want my students to understand the ways in which the media impact the world, particularly with regard to race and gender, their communication with themselves and others, and ultimately, how the media impact their lives.

...the best professors should make attending class a desire rather than a roadblock--Siobhan did exactly that within a major that I was not even familiar with.

Contact information

310 Strickler Hall
502 852 6976