African American Communication

Communication 275 - D1 - SB

Study of various dimensions of communication pertaining specifically to African-Americans. Communication patterns within the African-American community, as well as communication patterns about that community, are analyzed.

African American Communication

Learning Outcomes

  1. Give students an overview of theories of communication and the definition and development of African American culture and communication as a field of study
  2. Identify how social and cultural systems develop out of adaptation to environmental and historical circumstances
  3. Communicate an understanding of the ways in which, race, ethnicity, and/or gender are socially constructed
  4. Communicate an understanding that different cultures may hold different views of the same issues.
  5. Evaluate pertinent information and assertions for relevance, bias, stereotyping, manipulation, and completeness.
  6. Ability to integrate theory with experiential and practical ideas to communicate an understanding of concepts and how to apply them.

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