Prerequisite: COMM 350 and 90 hours completed. Survey of theory and research pertaining to problems of cross-cultural communication, including cultural, national, ethnic, and racial divisions. Note: Approved for the Arts and Sciences upper-level requirement in written communication (WR).

Advanced principles and techniques of effective public speaking.
Study of various dimensions of communication pertaining specifically to African-Americans. Communication patterns within the African-American community, as well as communication patterns about that community, are analyzed.
The evolution of the popular image of African Americans as reflected in the visual media of television and the cinema. Note: Cross-listed with PAS 312.

We look specifically at how media of information, persuasion, and entertainment have evolved from the mechanical devices that the colonists used, to steam-powered and then electrical media of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and finally to today's ubiquitous digital media.

Surveys theory and practice related to the creation and analysis of arguments in public communication. Topics include argument structure, evidence, types and limitations of inferences, and the adaptation of messages to particular contexts.


Develops theoretical and applied material concerning communication practices appropriate to business and professional settings. Note: Credit may not be received for this course and COMM 111. Note: Does not count toward Communication major.
Overview of the scope and importance of communication in business, and the development of business communication skills students will employ throughout their professional careers.


Introduction to the case study method in Communication on a topic relevant to the discipline.